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Easy to Use Online Stores

Created by Rachel Blum (Princeton '11).  Rachel was thrilled when she was elected President of The Cap & Gown Club. A member of the varsity golf team, she had a lot on her plate. The club had a gear chair.but in the past, would bail out and the burden would fall on the President. We discussed an online store but with one caveat -- build it so your computer- challenged Aunt Laura could use it.

Our online stores are easy to use and organizations have the option of making a profit. Most of our stores are open for about two weeks. We create a link, the organizer emails their supporters and promotes it on Facebook and other social media. The end user pays via Pay Pal or credit card. About 10 days after the store closes, we ship in bulk to one location and often sort it by individual. Our stores are flexible. Call us at 904- 262-9155 

Here's an example of online stores   This type of store is open for a couple of weeks. Gear is shipped to one location and  is sorted by individual. The club makes a profit.  This store is open year-round and is geared for businesses with multiple locations. Also open for a set period of time, the gear items are shipped to clubs within the farm bureau for one flat shipping fee.


  This type of store is open for a couple of weeks and then the gear is shipped to one location with a spreadsheet of the orders for easy distribution. Ideal for family reunions, churches and organizations.   We can set up a small store for a team. Eliminates the hassle of collecting money and sizes for team members. Members pay via PayPal or credit card. Team Captain distributes gear.   Members of the Farm Bureau in New Jersey live all over the state. Gear is shipped to 4H clubs with one flat $10 shipping fee. Individuals can also have gear sent to their business or residence as long they pay the shipping. Store is open for about two weeks and gear is shipped within 10 working days.  This store is open year round. Restaurants within the chain can order gear for their serving staff and sell to their customers.
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